Friday, March 24, 2017

AYC Wednesday Night Races

The weather is getting warm and the days are getting longer and sailing season is about to get under way. Schematic is doing the AYC Wednesday Night Races 
  • Wednesday nights starting April 26th 
  • The first gun goes off at 1800 (6pm) 
If you are interested in sailing please put your name and which weeks that you can show up.

For NOR & info please click here

Monday, February 13, 2017

Video of 2016 Annapolis to Bermuda Race

Schematic during the 2016 Annapolis to Bermuda Race on their way to a 1st in class 4th in fleet finish. 

This video is about the crew of Schematic a J/42 sharing all of their secrets of offshore sailing while doing the 2016 Annapolis To Bermuda Race. The race was a total of 750 miles and started June 10, 2016; it took us just under 5 days to complete.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Find Schematic on Google Maps

Schematic can be found on Google Maps - if your in maps and near Annapolis, just search for Schematic and the location will show on the map.

If you go there please add pics and comments.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 Safety at Sea Seminar

For those of you thinking of venturing offshore this is a strongly recommended day long seminar that is great preparation and understanding the risks involved.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

2017 Preliminary Schedule

The 2017 Schedule is starting to take shape.  Right now it is as follows:
March 11      AYC Seminar on Electronics
March 31      Launch boat

Apr 1 or 2     Shakedown sail 
Apr 1 & 2      Safety at Sea Seminar 
Apr 22          AYC Seminar on First Aid
Apr 26          Wednesday Night Race Series 

May 10         Wednesday Night Race Series 
May 17         Wednesday Night Race Series 
May 20         AYC Seminar Navigation 
May 24         Wednesday Night Race Series 
May 26-28    Down the Bay Race 

Jun 1            A2N Registration 
Jun 2            A2N Race Start #1 
jun 6             Boat should be in Newport at Newport Yachting Center 

Jun 8            Delivery to Annapolis 
Jun 12          Back in slip 

Aug 4           Governors Cup 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Schematic Wins Class in 2016 Annapolis to Bermuda Race

We had an awesome crew for the 2016 Annapolis to Bermuda Race. We beat down the Bay and saw as much at 35 knots of wind in squall out in the ocean.

Schematic took 1st in PHRF 2 Spinnaker class and 4th in Fleet

There is a great shot of Alex O'toole on the bow in Spinsheet

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Annapolis to Bermuda 2016

Here is the link to track Schematic in the 2016 Annapolis to Bermuda Race.

The race starts at 1:30 PM on Friday June 10th

Monday, May 2, 2016

Getting Ready for Bermuda 2016

This year Schematic will be doing the Annapolis to Bermuda Race.  It is a smaller race 40 boats as opposed to 200 boats, but the distance is longer adding 120 miles of the Chesapeake Bay and the schedule works out better for me.

Here are all the details

The start is June 10th.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Race tracker for the Annapolis to Newport Race

The boat is in great shape and ready for the race. Our start is Thursday June 4th - We are racing PHRF 2

Click here for the Race Tracker

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Launch - Friday April 3, 2015

Schematic will be put back in the water for the season on Friday April 3rd. The boat will need to be moved from Bert Jabins back to her berth at Mears Marina .  The plan is to meet at the boat at 1530, get sails on, shuffle cars, restock the fridge and hopefully get out for a short shake down sail. Let me know if you are interested in joining us.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Newport to Bermuda 2014 Video

I've uploaded a few videos to YouTube - One is a video that I put together with a few tunes that captures a few of the moments of the Newport to Bermuda 2014 Race - we cross the finish line at 8:25

You can check out all of them on Schematic J42 You Tube Channel


Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 NASS Spring Race Saturday April 18th

I hope you're enjoying the cold weather.  This sucks!  I'm ready to get back out on water. The first race of the season is the NASS Spring Race, which is on Saturday April 18th

The boat should be back in the water the first week of April, so this will be the shake down race to get all the bugs worked out.

Can't wait to see you there!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Annapolis to Newport 2015

Just signed up for the Annapolis to Newport Race 2015 - Ready for warm weather

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Schematic Completes the 2014 Newport to Bermuda Race

After sailing about 1800 miles, Schematic is back in her slip in Annapolis.  She went from Annapolis to Newport, RI, did the Newport to Bermuda Race then sailed back to Annapolis safely ahead of Hurricane Arthur.

The 2014 Newport to Bermuda Race was a tough and grueling one with light winds and foul current. We went too far East trying to take advantage of a warm eddy, but got caught with no wind, then could not get far enough west and fought 4 knots of Gulf Stream Current that was going North.  We fought back in light air and found some favorable current to get to the front of our Class, but then went too far west and wound up in the middle. We took 9 (out of 15) in Class and 18 (out of 96) in Fleet - a respectable finish given the tough conditions.

We had some set backs too; Wally our Navigator got very sick on the delivery up and could not race.  Our electronics were marginal at best.  We did not have all the full range of instruments available in the cockpit, there were conflicts with new equipment installed and The Expedition navigation software was not intuitive and a real challenge - it was a real headache.  Chris Burd our rock star bow man was injured - fortunately not seriously. This trip saw more use of the first aid kit than any race that I can remember. Stomach pain, muscle bruises, and bacterial eye infection.

The crew was awesome - On short notice we replaced Wally with Tripp Burd - Chris's brother; he blended well with the rest of the crew and did an excellent job on the bow and trimming sails - he had the best hat. Chris, never missed a beat,  switched to the back of the boat and was awesome driving in light air. Brad Cole stepped up and helped in Wally's absence and contributed to the brain trust in the aft guard and did a great job with much of the boat prep. Greg Leinweber did an amazing job on sail trim and keeping the bow of the boat in ready for action. Warren Dahlstrom and David Banks did an amazing job with the food - we ate like kings. David also gets bonus points for taking care of the first aid kit and keeping all healthy and in action. Conner Fox did an outstanding job scrambling for lines, sails and taking most of the photographs.

The boat did an excellent job - I don't think it could have been in better shape  - nothing was left to chance - nothing was lost or broken - a rare occurrence when racing offshore.It moved well in the light air

We had a great time. It was a lot of work and there are a lot of great stories to tell.

Schematic was in The St. Davids Lighthouse Division; Class2 
2014 Newport to Bermuda Race Results  

Final Race Analysis and Summary

2014 Newport to Bermuda Race - Schematic Photos1

2014 Newport to Bermuda Race - Schematic Photos2

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and Bermuda

Return Trip Photos

Schematic YouTube Channel

Monday, June 16, 2014

Newport to Bermuda Race Tracker

Below is the link for the race tracker which is now live and will show exactly where the boat is. Click on the link and search for Schematic. 

The Race starts on Friday June 20th and we should cross the finish line on Tuesday Evening or Wednesday Morning.

Schematic Delivered to Newport

Schematic is now in Newport in preparation for the Newport to Bermuda Race which starts Friday June 20th.

Here are some interesting shots from the delivery.
Motoring through the C&D Canal at night with some fog.

 Some beautiful fog - On the Delaware Bay

A beautiful afternoon sky looking across the ocean to New Jersey

Some shipping traffic

On the mooring in Jamestown, RI

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Schematic Mentioned in Spin Sheet Magazine

Spin Sheet Magazine discusses sailing Schematic to Bermuda in the current issue. The Article is focused on boats from Annapolis sailing to Bermuda this Summer.  I discuss the preparation involved and the importance of having a great crew.

A couple of corrections : I did my first Bermuda Race in 2008 and this will be my 3rd time sailing Schematic to Bermuda

Its on page 77 of the magazine.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bermuda Race Update and Status Report - 14 days to go

There is still some work being done on the boat - Its close, but lots of little stuff - A big thanks to Brad for dealing with a few of these contractors.
Right now the following remains outstanding:
  • new running rigging, including upgrading the preventer, section of life line replaced,
  • auto pilot arm connection re done.
  • Re-beding hardware to try and fix a small annoying leak over the Nav station
  • replacing the burner for the oven.
  • Installing the 16" flat screen
  • getting the new GPS set up and operational - this is very cool - we will have wireless - for those of you with iPads we will be able to navigate using the iPad in the cockpit - go to the app store and download Simrad GoFree
  • Engine maintenance and parts replacement to make sure everything works.
  • Sails being looked at, upgraded and the main reinstalled.
  • Short haul on Thursday to clean the bottom.
All of that is currently in progress and hopefully (fingers crossed) will be complete by Friday - the main will be installed next week.

Wally and I are collecting Gulf Stream data - He and I are meeting with Mike on Friday 6/6 at 3 to go over the Navigation software and Equipment set up.

Our race entry is complete and has been accepted by the race committee.  Thanks for the scramble on Monday to get the Waivers complete - we turned it around very quickly - I think we avoided the time penalty. Thanks to Wally for dealing with the inspector.
If you have any gear for the race that needs to be stowed on the boat - That should be on board by this Saturday. Please keep your gear to a minimum - you get one bag that fits in the overhead compartment and its $25 a bag to check any additional luggage. ;)
I'm out of town Sunday through Wednesday and we are leaving Thursday 6/12 in the afternoon to deliver the boat to Newport (Jamestown)
The boat needs to be race ready and prepared to leave on Saturday.
Holly and I will be talking about food for the Delivery and get non perishables stowed on Saturday - the perishables will go on Thursday afternoon.

Thanks to Warren and David for getting the meal plan together and other non perishables for the race stowed on Saturday. I'm assuming that the race Perishables are being bought in Newport or FedExed to Newport Yachting Center.
Thanks to David for assembling the First Aid kit - please do us all a favor and if you have any health issues or prescription medication make sure that David has a heads up. Brad and David are our two trained first-aid professionals.

The boat will be in Newport by Noon on Thursday at the Newport Yachting Center  -

Please bring your passport and return ticket so we can go through customs and immigration on Thursday afternoon.
Form or Document(s) Required Completed and signed
(Forms will be available in Newport prior to departure.)
  • Bermuda Customs Clearance-vessel, one double sided form per boat (completed in triplicate)
  • Declaration of Health (one double-sided form per boat)
  • Customs Traveler Declaration (White w/ blue lettering)
  • Bermuda Department of Immigration Passenger Arrival Form (Pink) – page 2 stamped by Immigration
  • A valid airline ticket for all crew flying out of Bermuda or evidence that such a ticket is waiting at Bermuda. E-tickets are acceptable BUT documentary proof of ticket MUST be shown, i.e. printout showing Locator ID and confirmation of flight itinerary.
- See more at:
Return delivery Crew please make sure that you have your letter to get into Bermuda.

After we are all signed up and through Bermuda Immigration (still in Newport)  we will meet for dinner - the agenda will be to review and discuss safety, watches, assignments, anticipated weather, our race strategy, operating procedures and enjoy some grog.
If you have any questions please email or call. 202-236-6115.
Thanks I'm looking forward to sailing with you.